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We’ve been around the block, under the block, over the block and on top of the block. We’ve put in years of hard work to get to where we are today, here’s our story.

Digital dinosaur age

Digital dinosaur age

Pre 2007, the soon-to-be founders of The Online Studio, Corin and Anna, were working in advertising agencies on big name brands. At that time digital briefs were often afterthoughts to campaigns, but still demanded high creativity and fast turnarounds.

Every agency they dealt with had the same problem: how to support a variety of experts skilled in different areas of digital production, each capable of responding to a fluctuating workload?

Lightbulb moment

Lightbulb moment

And so The Online Studio was born bringing together design, technical and project management experts in each of those fields as well as the capacity to be able to respond quickly to briefs that are nearly always last minute.

We were also able to offer a new cost model, bringing savings from creating a large development studio in Pune, India, fronted by strong, London-based project management, creative design and technical consultancy.

Getting on

Getting on

2007 is a long time ago in digital speak, but since then we continue to solve that original fundamental client need. We’ve also evolved a much greater emphasis on creative design to gain the cut through needed in a more crowded and diverse digital landscape.

We still love what we do and are proud to be the experts who will manage, design and create your social content, banners, emails and sites, bringing our years of expertise to bear across them all.

To be continued…

Meet the Team

I’ve worked with Anna, Corin and their team for a few years and they have never failed to deliver (to a high standard) every job that we have given them. They are friendly, professional and have a positive ‘can do’ outlook that is enlightening. I consider them as an extension to my team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Online Studio to anyone.

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